Welcome to FAST: The Foundational Assessment for Skilled Trades, formerly known in its original version as Evaluating Academic Readiness for Apprenticeship Training (EARAT).

This new initiative is based on the original paper-based EARAT testing in an easy-to-administer online format.

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  • You will see your results and links to resources that will help improve your readiness for apprenticeship training at the end of the assessment.
  • While it is possible to register and take the assessment on your own, we strongly recommend that you work with an apprenticeship mentor or guidance counsellor to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from this evaluation.


  • You will be able to review the results of those students registered with your access code.
  • You can tailor your recommendations for follow-up resources based on the results in each category.

Helping You Succeed

FAST has been developed to help students and instructors achieve successful apprenticeship training.

Getting Started

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