About Us

FAST (Foundational Assessment for Skilled Trades) is based on the program known as Evaluating Academic Readiness for Apprenticeship Training, or EARAT.

EARAT was first developed for students who wished to pursue apprenticeship training in skilled trades. The program assessed skills in three subject areas (Math, Communications and Concepts of Science) for each designated trade. By completing these assessments, the student could determine if there were areas of additional study required for success in the in-school component of their chosen trade. The assessments, taken with the assistance of an instructor, school guidance or employment counsellor are intended to increase the success rate for those entering apprenticeship.

The new name, FAST, is being introduced as we move a new version of this valuable assessment tool to a digital online platform making it more accessible and easier to use. We have included assessments for the most in-demand trades and hope to expand the program offering in the near future.